Bright Biomethane is attending Biogaz Europe exhibition in Nantes, FR (29-30 Jan.)

Bright Biomethane is attending the Biogaz Europe in Nantes, France on 29 and 30 January. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our team at stand K37 in the Grand Palais.

Biogaz Europe is a 2-day international exhibition on green, renewable gas from various organic waste streams by means of methanation, also known as anaerobic digestion (fermentation).

Biogas upgrading, or biogas purification, is a very attractive alternative compared to using a combined heat and power (CHP) system that generates electricity and heat. Once upgraded or purified, the biomethane with natural gas quality can be injected into the gas grid or compressed to CNG (compressed natural gas) to use as transport fuel.

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Biogaz Europe (Nantes, FR)

Gd Palais, Stand K37