‘Greener’ UK Gas Grid thanks to Bright’s Biomethane Plant in Murrow

After successful commissioning, the biogas-to-biomethane plant in Murrow, UK is now operational and delivering biomethane directly to the UK’s high-pressure National Transmission System (NTS) gas pipeline. The UK’s gas grid is becoming greener and greener thanks to the biogas upgrading systems of Bright Biomethane.

Bright Biomethane turn-key supplied the biogas upgrading system for the upgrading of the biogas to biomethane to a methane-high renewable gas suitable for the existing gas grid.

This PurePac Grand system comes with 6” membranes for the separation of the methane from the carbon dioxide into two purified streams. These membranes allow higher upgrading flow of biomethane than the regular 4” membranes while maintaining the compact size of the system. The complete compact biogas ugrading system consists of two housing units and two skids, taking up little space at the premises.

Producing 1,067 Nm3 biomethane per hour and 9.3 million Nm3 biomethane annually, the installation supplies roughly 6,200 British households with energy and heat from biomethane all around the year.